Off Plan Property Investment

Investment in Off Plan properties is increasingly being seen as a way to reap very favourable returns in a fluctuating market.

Off Plan is the term used to refer to buying into a property during the state of pre-construction. The process benefits both the developer ( as they are able to finance the construction via this method ) and the investor ( as they benefit from developer’s incentivisation via discounts ). In many occasions the early purchase of such a property means that the investor buys at a stage where the property is already worth considerable more when complete due to the trends in world property prices.

The UK property market is no longer offering the prospects for returns to investors that it once was and many are now looking for Off Plan opportunities abroad.

An example of this is the massive increase in house prices currently occurring in a country such as Morocco where prices are rocketing – having increased by up to 30% in the last two years in many areas. The country is seeing a rapid rise in tourism, ( a deserved one as it has a superb climate, landscape, people and cuisine – a legacy of Berber and French influences).

Further to this there is a huge internal redevelopment scheme in progress where the infrastructure of the country is being brought up to scratch in many areas. Interest in Off Plan investments in Morocco have been further boosted by the large number of celebrities who have been purchasing property there. There is a high perceived rental income on properties also, guaranteeing increased returns for the investor.

Morocco is one of many places overseas offering tangible returns on investment via off plan property purchase. There are many other areas which merit consideration for off plan investment such as South America, the Middle East or former Soviet Block Countries such as Romania or Albania. Even traditional ‘houses abroad’ destinations are still offering viable opportunities for off plan purchases such as France and Italy.

All in all Off Plan Property Investment is an extremely attractive means by which to increase your property portfolio or to make that initial start in owning a property abroad.

An extremely useful resource for those considering overseas off plan investment can be found here: Off Plan Investments.