Landscape Ideas When On A Budget

Do you want your home to look beautiful but only have a small budget to do so? There are many things you can do to make your home beautiful that don’t require a lot of money. Knowing what are great alternatives to some of the more expensive landscaping methods are very important because not everyone wants to dish out $10,000 on their landscaping.

Do you know what the difference between a million dollar landscape and a $1,000 landscape is? The only difference is that the million dollar landscape was thought out more carefully and therefore planned better. Planning is everything when it comes to landscaping because you want to fill your yard with as much color and greenery as possible without making it look over crowded.

Mulch vs. Red Rock

Something many people have turned to in the past years is mulch or gravel as opposed to red rock. Red rock used to be seen on every million dollar property and recently that has all turned around. Red rock is expensive mostly because of the way it is made and how it is transported. Being a rock it can’t be compressed and because of that the amount of rocks you can put in a truck are very limited.

Mulch not only looks great but it keeps the moisture in your land better than rocks do. The bad thing about rocks is they heat up very quickly and because of that will cook your land and plants around them. Make sure when you choose mulch, red rock, gravel or any other material that you consider the effect it will have on your property and the plant life you have on it.

Rubber Trim vs. Brick

Do you remember when you would drive down the road and see the nice houses with bricks lining their entire yard and the flower beds? This is a thing of the past because brick is so expensive these days. The thing that people are using now is rubber trim. Rubber trim comes in many different colors and the nice thing about it is that it costs about one fourth of the cost of brick.

When it comes to rubber trim what you need to understand is that it will work almost anywhere and still look great. The most common places people use rubber trim is around their grass. Around trees, and pretty much anywhere that has dirt or rocks that can wonder onto the grass.

Landscaping is something that you need to take pride in and even though you can’t just rush it there are still many cheap landscape ideas to work with.