Dream Landscape Design

Houzz.Com contributor, Jay Sifford, wrote an extremely compelling article about pathway design for modern landscaping. The images and examples he used throughout the article were breathtaking. The way he thinks about and describes landscape design truly makes anyone appreciate the value of employing design strategies throughout outdoor spaces such as backyards, garden, pathways etc.

“Paths, whether stretching from street to door or winding through gardens, have always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s because their lines lead the eye and there are so many great design and material options for them, yet they often are so unimaginatively designed. Paths can and should tell a story, elicit emotion, promote exploration and make a meaningful connection with land and architecture. How do yours measure up?”

Jay Sifford, “How to Design Garden Paths That Bring a Landscape to Life”

Are We Taking the Best Advantage of Our Outdoor Spaces? Are We Cutting Corners because of Time or Money Constraints?

Though many of us want beautiful pathways throughout our outdoor spaces, we know that buying marble and other expensive stones to create the types of looks that will take our visitor’s breath away, or set our property apart from the ones surrounding it are expensive to invest in. Unfortunately, most individuals and businesses can’t afford to invest in creative landscape design.

In addition, most people have to be practical and consider functionality before design. Most outdoor spaces function just fine without anyone attempting to design the space, even though they look average or even ugly.

However, when you see a well-designed landscape with amazing pathways that, as Sifford puts it, truly “tell a story,” about the property they’re on, it makes us realise how much better and more beautiful our property would be if we did something more, from an aesthetic point of view.

Memory is the fourth dimension to any landscape.

Janet Fitch

You Can Design Better

Most of us have been on nature walks in our local communities, or even been to local parks and seen beautiful loose rocks and pebbles. Home improvement stores the world over sell small stones, beach pebbles and chips with natural beauty beyond compare that people use for potted plants and for little decorative elements throughout landscape designs here and there.

However, now, instead of buying large slates of marble and other expensive stones, you can create stunning pathways using the types of rocks that you can find anywhere.