How to Choose the Right Paving for your Driveway

Choosing the right paving material for a new driveway is probably the most important decision you can make. Different paving has different looks, demands different maintenance, and can differ greatly in price. It can be difficult to make the right choice of materials. In this article, we’re going to give you some pointers on how to choose the best paving material for your project.

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Paving Types

No matter what type of pavers you choose, they’re usually laid in the same way. All pavers are usually laid on a base made up of gravel and sand. Once the base is laid out, the paving can be installed using either cobblestone pavers, brick pavers, or concrete pavers. Out of all these choice, cobblestone is the sturdiest, but it’s also the most expensive.

Cobblestone pavers are more durable than the other two options, followed by concrete, then brick. Cobblestone paving can last up to a century, while concrete paving will have to be replaced in roughly half the time. And while brick paving is usually less durable than the other two, it can still survive a few decades if properly installed and maintained.

Another factor to consider when choosing pavers is thickness. Most cheap pavers tend to be on the thinner side. While a 20mm stone might be able to withstand foot traffic, it won’t be strong enough for vehicles. You’ll have to atleast go for 40mm stones for a driveway.

Paver Driveway Costs

Now, as far as paving vs concrete or asphalt goes, pavers will usually cost more to be installed. As a rough estimate, you should be prepared to pay about two-times the price you would pay for concrete and four-times of what you would pay for asphalt. However, you can do part of the paving work yourself when using paving and paving can last as much, if not longer than these two options.

If you have a limited budget, you can always go for alternative materials. Companies like Pacific Pavingstone offer tons of different paving options for all budgets.

Working with Contractors

Whatever material you decide to work with, pricing is not always set in stone, no pun intended. Prices can vary depending on various factors and prices often fluctuate from year to year due to changing material prices and labor costs. The shape and size of the driveway will also have an influence on the final price, so the only way to really know how much a project will cost is to ask for estimates. Don’t rely on hearsay. Every driveway is different and prices can differ greatly, even with the same type of material and comparable driveway dimensions.


Finding the right paving material for your driveway doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is do your homework, look at a few samples, and understand the fundamental differences between different paving options. You also have to have a clear budget and expectations in mind before you start looking for a contractor.

Dream Landscape Design

Houzz.Com contributor, Jay Sifford, wrote an extremely compelling article about pathway design for modern landscaping. The images and examples he used throughout the article were breathtaking. The way he thinks about and describes landscape design truly makes anyone appreciate the value of employing design strategies throughout outdoor spaces such as backyards, garden, pathways etc.

“Paths, whether stretching from street to door or winding through gardens, have always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s because their lines lead the eye and there are so many great design and material options for them, yet they often are so unimaginatively designed. Paths can and should tell a story, elicit emotion, promote exploration and make a meaningful connection with land and architecture. How do yours measure up?”

Jay Sifford, “How to Design Garden Paths That Bring a Landscape to Life”

Are We Taking the Best Advantage of Our Outdoor Spaces? Are We Cutting Corners because of Time or Money Constraints?

Though many of us want beautiful pathways throughout our outdoor spaces, we know that buying marble and other expensive stones to create the types of looks that will take our visitor’s breath away, or set our property apart from the ones surrounding it are expensive to invest in. Unfortunately, most individuals and businesses can’t afford to invest in creative landscape design.

In addition, most people have to be practical and consider functionality before design. Most outdoor spaces function just fine without anyone attempting to design the space, even though they look average or even ugly.

However, when you see a well-designed landscape with amazing pathways that, as Sifford puts it, truly “tell a story,” about the property they’re on, it makes us realise how much better and more beautiful our property would be if we did something more, from an aesthetic point of view.

Memory is the fourth dimension to any landscape.

Janet Fitch

You Can Design Better

Most of us have been on nature walks in our local communities, or even been to local parks and seen beautiful loose rocks and pebbles. Home improvement stores the world over sell small stones, beach pebbles and chips with natural beauty beyond compare that people use for potted plants and for little decorative elements throughout landscape designs here and there.

However, now, instead of buying large slates of marble and other expensive stones, you can create stunning pathways using the types of rocks that you can find anywhere.

Finding The Best Outdoor Landscaping Accessories

For me, the finishing touches are what ultimately make your yard a very personal place.

After all the mulch has been put down, the patio laid out, the pool deck poured and the fence painted that is the time for accessorizing your landscape architecture..

Landscaping accessories are what you use to dress up your yard and to give it that warm and cozy feeling.

I personally am a sucker for night lighting. There is nothing, in my opinion that does more to dress up landscaping and give it that rich, warm ambience than proper outdoor lighting.

From hot tubs to fountains and arbours, the range of outdoor accessories and landscaping ideas is truly amazing!

I’m sure you know what I mean, there are small backyard landscaping ideas that look like a rummage sale, and there are yards that look like a rock stars. Mine used to be the former. When we were younger we collected all kinds of things, patio tables, umbrellas, tables and swings.

After the kids and the pets had their way with those things they looked pretty beat up. I don’t recall having three pieces from the same set let alone anything fancy.

We had a swing that had stuffed seats and at the end the only stuffing was what the squirrels had put there.

I’ve looked at replacing all that stuff over the years but it’s fairly expensive and it’s difficult to get home. Even with my van, by the time I get the seats all rearranged, it’s time for soccer or piano or some other activity!

I’ve looked into the products from the big-box stores, and while there is a lot of variety, it’s still very expensive and they really don’t carry those special things.

I’ve told you that I do jobs for people who I am not related to as well as friends and family, and during the course of my career have tried to develop garden plans using accessories in various ways. What if I told you about the place I go to get landscaping accessories that has the best quality, online convenience, a large selection and free shipping too?

I’m not just talking about free shipping in the U.S. but to Canada as well!

This place is called Way-fair and it is truly one of a kind. I really do all of my major buying right here, in one place from the comfort of my own home.

Let me show you some of the things I’ve purchased from Way-fair.

Hot Tubs

Someday I’m going to get this one for myself. It looks fantastic, doesn’t take up the whole deck, is super easy to install, it’s called a 110 volt plug-and-play which means there is really no installation, and even has a waterfall which is so great. The one I purchased uses a highly efficient energy management system which will save you money.

Imagine how great this would look- what great beginning for backyard ideas!

Conversation Sets

The latest trend in outdoor entertaining is what’s called a “Conversation Set”. This is different from the typical patio table and chairs in that it’s set up for relaxing comfortably while enjoying the outdoors. There is no patio table per-se but most come with a small coffee table.

Arbors and Trellises

So many people want these as a divider between different areas of their yard. An arbor is like a magical entrance to another world and can be dressed up with flowers or vines to make it blend right in. It gives your yard that old-world feeling, and adds a nice visual and physical break to an otherwise flat yard. Arbors and trellises can be used to separate yard and garden, yard and driveway, pool and patio and so many other cool ideas.


What needs to be said about planters is that they are an absolute necessity! They keep your plants off your yard or patio and can be used in so many different ways to dress up an otherwise bland area. Plants look a hundred times better is the right planter and tend to get a lot more attention this way. They are a great landscaping idea for the front of your house.

Planters can go around pools, on windows, on tables in the yard, or along a fence. The list is endless. But planters are probably the single most important and inexpensive way to dress up your yard. You have to check these out they will make your yard sing!


There is nothing I love more outside than water features, and apart from a pool, a fountain is my must have item.

They look great, sound great, are totally mesmerizing and look like landscape art. I can sit and stare at a fountain for hours. They are truly relaxing and add that warm & cozy element to any backyard.

There are so many styles, but check out the pump in a barrel, the swan fountain and the tabletop wall fountains.

Ornaments and Accents

These are the little personal touches that every woman loves to put around a yard. They are like decorations on a Christmas tree and have no function at all. They make your backyard landscape look like landscape pictures. Ornaments and accents are there for interest and give your yard a bit of flair. A word of caution here, don’t overdo it! Sundials, statues, sculptures, gazing balls, pedestals and signs – these are all ornaments and you can seriously spend hours on this site just looking at ornaments!

Outdoor Curtains

I mentioned these in an article about shade in the backyard. Outdoor curtains are for shade. They can be opened and closed as you like, but they make outdoor areas so much more livable because you don’t have to broil you and your guests.

The sun is harsh and these curtains will provide some respite from it and let cool breezes pass through unlike walls or doors.

They have all different kinds from bamboo to wood to textile, with all the possible mounting hardware you can imagine.

You can change any outdoor spot into a special shaded area instantly without costing you a fortune.

Do yourself a favor and check this place out. I recommend it to all of my clients and friends. I have just talked about a few things here to give you an idea of what’s there, but they have literally thousands and thousands of neat products all neatly organized.

And like I said before, for great quality, online convenience, a large selection and free shipping Way-fair can’t be beat!